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ICS offers a full range of private investigation services throughout Las Vegas, and our investigations are performed by our strategic partner, EDF. All EDF investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable and confidential services. ICS and our partnered agents are held to the highest levels of professionalism and you can expect their findings reported in an accurate and timely fashion. Our strategic partner in Las Vegas, Nevada can provide private investigation services throughout the entire state. NV License #1498.

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EDF is a licensed private investigations and computer forensics company, assisting clients in personal, corporate, and legal investigations utilizing computer forensics and tried and true investigative techniques. Our private investigators are licensed in Nevada and accept most case types, including adultery, infidelity, and cheating spouse investigations, child custody, support, and visitation investigations, missing persons cases, and all manner of computer and data forensics. When you need an investigation in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, call ICS to begin your free consultation, or complete the online free consultation form at your convenience.

ICS and EDF adheres to all state licensing requirements to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. Nevada has some of the strictest licensing requirements in the country, due in part to the unique investigative environment in the state’s most famous city, Las Vegas. Nevada private investigators must apply for and receive a private investigator’s license from the Nevada Private Investigator Licensing Board before they may operate as a private investigator. Private investigator applicants must have at least 5 years of full time investigative experience, for a total of 10,000 hours of experience. Nevada private investigators must also pass an in-depth background check conducted by the FBI and Nevada Highway Patrol, and complete a one hour written exam. EDF is not limited to investigations only within Nevada; an investigation that begins in Las Vegas may quickly need to move forward in another state, which is why ICS’s national resources are so valuable to Las Vegas clients, keeping costs low no matter where your case may lead.

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EDF services the entire state and accepts most case types. In addition to the common private investigator case types, EDF is staffed by computer and data forensics experts to aide in retrieval of deleted, damaged, or corrupted files, detection and removal of spyware and malware programs, e-Discovery, and other computer forensics services.

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ICS also provides a wide variety of surveillance and counterintelligence services, employing state of the art equipment and techniques to keep you safe and free from unwelcome eavesdropping. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) can be taken by ICS to ensure that the technology you depend on every day is not leaking information about you, your business, or your personal life. TSCM involves sweeping for and removing bugs, and other forms of electronic surveillance. ICS also performs pre-employment screening, which help eliminate the constant worry about the criminal or legal history of potential employees that most employers feel during the interview and hiring process.

ICS accepts these case types and more. If you have a case that you did not see listed here, do not hesitate to call and speak to an ICS private investigator; these are only a select few of the case types we accept. For a more comprehensive list of case types, please visit the Investigations we Solve page. Call ICS today to begin your free consultation, or submit the free consultation form online to tell us more about your case. Private investigators from ICS are available 24 hours a day, and no case is too large or too small, so please feel comfortable contacting us at your convenience.

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