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Local Private Investigators in the Philippines

Private Investigator in the Philippines

ICS provides a full range of investigations services for the City of Philippines and all surrounding metropolitan areas. Submit a free online private investigation consultation form, or call our toll free number to speak to a private investigator at (800) 828-9198.

You can rest assured that any Philippines Private Investigator assigned to your case with ICS are fully licensed and insured in accordance with Philippines laws and participates in any required continuing education.

Local Philippines Private Investigator

The Republic of the Philippines is a series of over 7,000 islands located in the western Pacific Ocean in an area called the Ring of Fire. It is highly prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Its population of more than 97 million people makes it one of the most populous nations in the world. The Philippines is considered a newly industrialized country, and its economy is shifting from agriculture to services and manufacturing. However, crime and terrorism are a constant concern. Ransom kidnappings, terrorist attacks, pick pocketing, confidence schemes, and credit card fraud are all frequent occurrences. Between the crime and the high number of natural disasters, including earthquakes, typhoons and tropical storms, there is a great deal of need for investigators. As a resident of the Philippines or as a foreign national visiting or working within the country’s borders, you should be able to trust a private investigator to be properly licensed and experienced with the local laws, customs, and people.

Philippines Private Investigator Restrictions

In order to conduct private investigations in Philippines, all private investigators must comply with local and federal laws.

  • Impersonate Law Enforcement - Private Investigators in Philippines cannot carry a badge, wear a uniform or say anything that might imply that the private investigator is a police officer or federal agent.
  • Make an Arrest - Private Investigators in Philippines cannot legally make an arrest. If there is evidence that suggests an arrest should be made the investigator should contact law enforcement.
  • Wiretapping - Wiretapping is illegal without a proper warrant. Private Investigators cannot tap a phone.
  • Trespassing - Private Investigators cannot break and enter onto private property.

How to become a private investigator in the Philippines

    Private Investigators are regulated under The Private Security Agency Law, and the following requirements must be met by any applicant to organize an agency:

  • Any Filipino citizen or a corporation, partnership, or association, with a minimum capital of five thousand pesos, one hundred percent of which is owned and controlled by Filipino citizens may organize a security agency
  • Any manager or operator of such an agency must be at least 25 years of age, a college graduate, and/or a commissioned officer in the inactive service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Must have good moral character
  • Must have no previous record of any conviction of any crime or offense involving moral turpitude
  • Must not suffer from any of the following disqualifications:
    • Having been dishonorably discharged or separated from the Armed Forces of the Philippines
    • Being a mental incompetent
    • Being addicted to the use of narcotics or drugs
    • Being a habitual drunkard
  • To become a private investigator, applicants must meet the following requirements:
    • Must be a Filipino citizen
    • Must be a high school graduate or better
    • Must be physically and mentally fit
    • Must be between the ages of 21 and 50
    • Must be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall
    • Suffering none of the disqualifications in the previous section

Philippines Background Investigation

Do you need a background investigation performed on someone in the Philippines? Are you considering hiring someone who used to reside in the Philippines and need a background investigation conducted on the person? International Counterintelligence Services has been performing background investigations in the Philippines throughout the world since 1967. A Background investigation in the Philippines can yield a lot of valuable information and many times it is the only thing you need to gather the information your looking for. In other circumstances, a background investigation can only gather so much and it is sometimes required to conduct a background investigation in conjunction with another case type. Learn more about background investigations in the Philippines by contacting us and speaking with a licensed private investigator over a free consultation. We will review your investigation to determine the best course of action in order to gather the information you need in the most effective way possible.

Cheating Spouse Investigation in Philippines

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you when traveling to the Philippines? Does your spouse often travel to the Philippines for work but you believe they are doing something unfaithful? International Counterintelligence Services has been providing cheating spouse investigation since 1967 and have the talent, resources and international reach to conduct a cheating spouse investigation anywhere in the world, including the Philippines. Learn more about how we can help you with your cheating spouse investigation by calling us and reviewing your case over a free consultation. We will take the time to review your case and determine the best course of action for finding out the truth about your spouse. Don't continue to feel taken advantage of or emotionally hurt wondering what is true or not true. You deserve piece of mind and the private investigators with ICS can help you today.

Philippines Activity Checks

Do you need help determining what someone is doing when they are in the Philippines? Do you need an activity check on someone traveling to the Philippines to verify what they are doing? Activity checks are a great way to determine the actions of an individual and confirm if they are doing what they say they are doing. There are many reasons for hiring a private investigator in the Philippines for an activity check. Learn more about Philippines activity checks by contacting us and speaking with a licensed private investigator. We will take the time to review your case over a free consultation and determine what the best course of action is for finding the information your looking for.

Local Associations and Important Resources for Philippines

Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

There are many different types of licensing requirements in the Philippines.  Contact our offices to discuss your specific case.

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