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Individual Clients (Personal Cases)

Individual Clients for Private Investigations: It's all about you at ICS.

Our creed is nothing but integrity, no bias except justice, no discrimination except the presence of evil. We're unequaled in our service to the largest professional organizations in this country.

We are equally dedicated to your personal requirements because the investigation focuses on your needs. If we can satisfy the needs of the most demanding companies and government agencies, imagine how much we can do for an individual like yourself. ICS -- professional, effective, personal.

We have been handling individual private investigations for people like you since 1967.  Our company specialize in every type of investigation from infidelity to simple background checks.  Whatever it is you need, we can help.  We like to pride ourselves on helping individuals with all their investigation needs and will to continue to now and in the future.

What we expect from our clients:

  1. Please be truthful with us and upfront.  The more accurate information you provide us with improves our chances of success.  We also would like you to notify us if anything in the case changes during the investigation.
  2. We ask that you provide us with your current contact information. This includes your current mailing address, telephone number, and email address. This lets us know where you are in case we need to immediately get a hold of you during your investigation.
  3. We would like you to provide us with documentation and authorizations when we request them.
  4. We ask that you do not interfere with the services performed by our investigators and other company employees.
  5. We ask that you keep the product or results of your services confidential, and in no circumstances may you use the product or results for criminal or illegal purposes.
  6. We request that you pay all invoices for fees and costs submitted by us.

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